Quality Quotes #8

Three posts in a day! Admitted, this and the last weren’t very time-consuming, but still.

Anyway, I found another quote that rather appealed to me. And with my bad memory, I would forget about it within the hour. So, I’m just going to put this here.

To succeed in life, you need three things:

A wishbone, a backbone and a funnny bone

-Reba McEntire


Quality Quotes #7

I haven’t written any of these in a long while, so I thought I’d get on with one. This time, it’s a bit funnier than usual.

Some people

Are Like Clouds.

When they disappear,

It’s a beautiful day

-A Google Images result from Pinterest

Quality Quotes #4

I never thought I’d do two of these in the same day, much less in the same ten minutes, but just below the previous quote I found this on Google, and simply couldn’t ignore.

I do it because I can

I can because I want to

I want to because

You said I couldn’t



Quality Quotes #3

This one is courtesy of google and Tumblr, so I’ll write that on the by-line, but as a music lover and player, is one that really intrigues me

When you’re happy

You enjoy the music.

When you’re sad

You understand the lyrics



QualityQuotes #2

Continuing with the series… This one’s mine Good handwriting is legible Bad handwriting is art! -Me In memoriam of my own handwriting Advertisements



Hey! Nice to see you reading my post (no, your webcam isn’t on). I thought I’d start this new series (the first on this blog) where I’ll post a new quote occasionally. Some of them will be famous, some my own. Tell me what you think! Be who you are And say what you feel, […]