Allegory Of Death – My Poem!

Hi, everyone! I just composed a poem, for an activity in school, and I liked it so I thought I’d upload it here, for everyone to see. It’s the first good poem I’ve made, as far as I remember. I hope you’ll like it.

Allegory Of Death

The spirit stood in front of me

Reciting allegory

He held with him my life, my fate,

Knew all my loves, my life, my hates.

He held me in iron bands;

Unable to move, anxious, I stood wringing my hands

Answer his riddles I should,

Or else my life end, it would.

Of the answer I searched, I thought

Despairing over what I had wrought.

Suddenly I knew what to say

From misery I had found a way.

I spoke, waited,

My breath baited.

He smiled, raised his arms

I was released; I thought he meant no harm.

I walked, slowly, ahead

Suddenly, a blade appeared, me it did behead.

In my last moments I thought of my life,

I thought, what was the meaning of all this strife?


Ideas Please!

Hi everyone. I wanted to know what you would like me to do on my blog. I know I haven’t posted much lately, and the reason for that is in my other post a few hours ago. You can view it here along with my post on Brexit. I wanted to ask you what you want me to post. I am already working on an article for VR. It’ll be out in a while. I’m also working on an FPS in Unity. Check out my other games hereVote on the poll below, and also write in the comments. Should I write about tech, just whatever catches my fancy (or what you want me to)? Should I do more literature, like my book review on Eragon (here), or another short story (like the ones here)? Should I start making tutorials on how to code (I do know a few languages)? Put your opinions down in the comments, and feel free to tell what exactly in tech you want me to do, but only stuff I can do online because I can’t review stuff I have to buy, or what kind of short story I should write. You can even put in a a line or phrase you think the story should start with, or contain, or revolve around. I’ll try my best. As for now, that’s all. Write in the comments, and please follow my blog by pressing that follow button on the sidebar.