Yes. I do make games, and I’ve learnt a lot. My games so far were the result of tutorials by Unity and various YouTubers. Creadit for the games goes to them.

How to run Windows Games

Download the .zip file from my Mediafire link given (dont worry, its safe. Scan the file if you want.) and decompress it. Inside, you’ll find another .zip file ending with “_Data” and a .exe file with the name of the game. Unzip the “_Data” file and move both the data and .exe file to a common location (the Desktop?). Finally, you can double click the .exe file to run it. You will get a window prompting for option such as resolution and graphics quality. You can maintain the deafults or change them according to your preferences. Press “Play!” and, well, play!

How to run Mac files

Download the .zip file from the link given, and of course, decompress it. You should find yourself with a .app file. You can double click the .app file to run it. You will get a window prompting for option such as resolution and graphics quality. You can maintain the deafults or change them according to your preferences and enjoy!


Sorry for all you 32bit users. I cant seem to find a build option in Unity for you, but try the x86 download if your computer fits the parameters.. As for the x86 download, all I can figure is that if you have a “Program Files(x86)” folder in your computer, use any of the two downloads, though x86 one is safer (not virus wise). As an endnote of this note, the contents of this note are based on personal observations. I have no idea about the x86 stuff.

Survival Shooter

Credits go to Unity Technologies.

Download ( Windows x86 computers)

Download (Windows x64 computers)

Download (Mac .app file)


The game is endless. The aim is to move your character around and shoot the various enemies that attack and follow you. Each enemy you kill wil award you points, shown at the top of the screen. A health slider is in the bottom left corner. Have fun! And don’t forget to leave a like or comment down below! If you have any difficulties, feel free to write a comment describing your issues. I’ll try to reply when I can.


Move with wasd or arrow keys

Aim with mouse

Shoot by pressing and holding left click

Pause with esc

2D Rougelike

Credits go to Unity Technologies.

Download (Windows x86)

Download (Windows x64)

Download (Mac .app)


This is a 2D game (as you guessed). You are that little guy in the bottom corner. Move around and try to collect the food and soda. They increase your food, at the bottom, which is practically your health. Each move to a block takes 1 food. Get to the Exit in the top corner to clear the level (day). Every few days, the number of enemies you face keeps increasing. Avoid them as they take your food if you come too close. The enemies move every two of your turns. You can break the bushes in the middle with four hits if you need to but the outer walls are unbeakable. Each hit on a bush takes one food. The game is endless. Have fun!


Move with wasd or arrow keys

Break bushes by trying to walk into them four times

Pick up items by walking into them

Pause with esc

Tanks 2P

Credits go to Unity Technologies.



Download (Mac .app)



This is a 2 player game. Hooray! Two players control a tank each and have to blast each other to bits. First to win five rounds wins the game! Player one is the blue tank and Player 2 is the red tank.  Press and hold your fire button to charge up a longer shot. The green ring around each tank is health. You lose more health the closer you are when the shell explodes. Have fun!


Pause with esc

Player 1

Move with wasd keys

Shoot with spacebar

Player 2

Move with arrow keys

Shoot with return or enter

2D Platformer

Credits go to GucioDevs. Check out his youtube channel here. Seriously. He’s a cool guy.

Download (x86)

Download (x64)

Download (Mac)


This is a 2D platformer game with various different features. You can jump, double jump, wall slide, attack, and ofcourse, move. The objective is to avoid the spikes, destroy the turrets, collect the coins, and reach the black door at the end. There are also falling platforms. Watch out!


Move – A and D

Jump – Space (press again in air to double jump!)

Attack – F

Wall Slide – Just jump onto and move towards a wall, you should slow down

Wall Jump – Press Space when on a wall, and try not to fall off!

Pause – esc