Smart Cities

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Article: Best Smart Cities in the World

Smart cities are the goal of very developed country in the world, and I’m going to tell you the top ten best smart cities in the world. The rankings of the various cities in the Innovation Cities index have also been taken into account.

#10 Barcelona

This city was second in Spain’s smart city rankings, and ranks tenth in the world thanks to its low carbon and smart city innovations. Barcelona was one of the first cities worldwide to introduce solar thermal ordinance, which means that it is now compulsory to heat 60% of hot water using solar energy. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint as it applies to private as well as public sector buildings. LIVE EV project has also been launched to promote EVs (electric cars) and hence further reduce pollution, which helps in maintaining public health and also saving the environment.

#9 Hong Kong

Hong Kong has made it this far due to its well-developed infrastructure, which include multilevel highways. It has planned to introduce RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards, like the commonly used bus cards, in its airports for efficiency. They are also planned to be introduced to the Agriculture Supply Chain. This city is also a world leader in the use of smart cards, which save time and reduce hand-to-hand transactions. Currently, these cards are used everywhere from public transport to libraries to building access to carparks. Hong Kong is also a world innovator in new technologies.

#8 Berlin

Berlin is very well developed in terms of innovation and environment-friendly-ness. It is also experimenting with a V2G (vehicle to grind) system. This technology allows EV owners to not only charge their cars from the power grid, but also contribute electricity to it. An electric car is an electrical storage system, and using IP protocols, power grid operators can “talk” to plugged in cars, and buy their electricity from owners, and give it back to them when demand is lower.

#7 Tokyo

This city has scored well in both innovation and digital city sectors. It also announced in 2011 to create a smart town in the suburbs, which, in partnership with Panasonic, Accenture and Tokyo Gas will contain homes with solar panels, storage batteries and energy efficient appliances. Smart mobility innovations are also promoted

#6 London

London is widely acclaimed for its many innovations to promote sustainability such as congestion tax, and its robust transport system, which is used by most of the population to get around. This prevents usage of cars, resultant congestion, and air pollution. It is also home to the Smart Cities Research Centre in Imperial College. In partnership with O2, London also plans to release free Wi-Fi and form the largest such system in Europe.

#5 Stockholm

Stockholm is home to the HQ of Ericsson, pioneers of “Networked Society”, and also ranks very high in the innovations index. It has a long record of initiatives promoting ICT infrastructure, and the service sector in the city accounts for nearly 85% of jobs. This, in addition to the absence of heavy industry, makes Stockholm one of the world’s cleanest cities. It was also first in the world to introduce 4G/LTE mobile services.

#4 NYC

New York City has scored better than most other cities in most of the categories. Its partnership with IBM in 2009 launched the IBM Business Analytics Solution Centre which helps build smarter cities and help optimize business processes and decisions. This has helped in fire prevention, first-response as well as taxation optimizations. This is predicted to save NYC approx. $100 million over a 5-year period.

#3 Paris

Paris ranks highly in several important categories such as digital governance, innovation, and European green cities. This helps efficient and effective governance and administration and preventing pollution, thus improving lifestyle. Paris is already world-famous for its highly effective bike sharing programme termed “Velib”, and is following this up with a similar system for EVs

#2 Toronto

Toronto is the highest rated smart city in America, and is and all-rounder in multiple categories. IBM has recently opened a Business Analytics Solutions Centre here. It is also an active member f=of C40 megacities, which is a network of the world’s megacities to reduce CO2 emissions. Multiple initiatives have been taken to modernise the city’s transport infrastructure as well.

#1 Vienna

A relatively unknown city, it comes as a sort of surprise that it is number one in the world. This is majorly due to the fact that it is the only city in the top ten in every category. It is ahead of all its competitors in making smart city targets and tracking their progress. Programmes like Smart Energy Vision 2050, Roadmap 2020, and Action Plan 2010-15 are some of the more effective, brave and important ones. Vienna leads the world in incorporating ideas from the planning stage and engaging stakeholders of every platform.