Here’s a new one. I wrote this a couple months ago, for my exam, and I really like it. Enjoy!


He could see the smoke rising from the factory and spreading over the town. It had been doing so for the past two days and would continue to do so for two more, till it had covered the city. The presence of a greenish tinge to the foul substance betrayed the presence of chemicals not usually present in common factory smoke from a few years ago.

It was 2116, and the world was dying. Everyone knew that, yet denial made it seem that the unavoidable truth could be delayed further. Yet, alas, nature – or what was left of it – does not conform to the whims of mankind. The Boole-Hasbergen Law formulated five years ago, confirmed it and even predicted the date. It was frighteningly close, approaching fast, and no-one could stop it.

The world was in tatters. Water was only for the filthy rich, and all food was little more than synthetically prepared nutrients in colourful packaging. The world was one large city. Most oceans were little more than lakes, and forests were virtually non-existent, and rapidly increasing population consumed whatever resources remained.

Diseases were common, and most were deadly, as science could not keep up with bacteria as it mutated to counter each new antibiotic. Life at home was tough. On the streets, it was deadly. Each man, woman and child had to fend for themselves, and dead bodies were found every day, eaten away by scavengers and sometimes the poorest of the poor. There was no government, as each one fell to terrorist attack or was besieged by the needs of the poor.

Nothing could stop the end of the world. This was how humanity would leave the Earth. This would be its legacy, with none to remember it. Earth, corrupted by nuclear waste, ravaged by war, torn apart by endless mining, would continue to orbit the Sun. Another plant, one in billions of billions, would nearly be destroyed.

Yet, as humanity was wiped off the planet, other forms of life would survive. Life would pull through, as it had for billions of years. This only marked the end of an aeon, and the beginning of a new one. Something would remain.

All was not lost.


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