Cool Android features to try

As any of you who read my last post know, it was about a book. Now, I thought I’d make a change and

write about technology. Written below are some of the apps and android features that can help you get

more out of your phone.

Developer options

Developer options, which sounds very complicated, can be very complicated. Now, don’t get

discouraged, it isn’t all that complicated all the time, and it can be particularly useful a lot of the time.

For one, you can tick the “Allow mock locations” checkbox under “Debugging” to allow your phone to

give apps a fake location when they ask for it and you don’t want it to know. Another feature I use is The

“Show touches” feature under “Input”. It shows a white dot whenever you touch the screen wherever

you touch the screen provided you touch the screen (now that’s repetitive!). Anyway, it can come in

handy if you’re doing a screen recording of your phone. In the same section, you can find three options,

namely “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, and “Animation duration scale”. They

affect the animations you see when, for example, you open an app. All these animations eventually add

up to a considerable amount in your RAM. If you’re lacking on processing speed, you might want to set

all of these to the lowest setting of .5x, or if you don’t mind a little less animation in your phone, you

could set them to off, so no animation would occur. One more feature for preserving your RAM is ticking

the “Don’t keep activities” checkbox under “Apps”. When enabled, it destroys every activity when you

leave it, though this affects some home screen launcher and apps, but doesn’t affect our experience in any way. Trust me.

Data usage restriction

We all know that we can set a warning and even a top limit on our mobile data, but this still doesn’t stop

specific apps from using your data when they want to. To prevent this, one can go to the “Data usage”

option, and tap the app we want to disable. Once we see a new graph showing that app’s data, we scroll

till the “Restrict background data” checkbox and tick it. Now, that app can’t use our data.

How to uninstall a factory app

On seeing this, most people’s reaction is “What? How? Impossible!” but, strictly speaking you can’t. Still,

don’t worry; you’re not going to have to root your phone. Now, to get to the point, everybody has

factory apps that they never use and want to get rid of, be it Google Maps or any third-party factory

app. To uninstall it, in loose terms, one must firstly go to the app manager on their phone, where all

their apps are listed. Then, just choose an app and tap on it. Before selecting an app, MAKE SURE THAT

IT WONT AFFECT THE FUNCTIONING OF YOUR DEVICE!!! For example, only a complete dimwit would try

to uninstall their Android version from their phone. Anyway, so we choose the app, tap on it, and scroll

down till we see the “Clear data” and “Clear cache”. Select both of them. Don’t worry if any one of them

is grayed out. After doing this, tap on the “Uninstall updates” button if available. Don’t worry if it isn’t

there. Once done tap the “Force stop” button and then the “Disable” button. This reduces the file size of

that app as much as possible without having to uninstall it. I did this on my phone and reduced a 23 MB

app to around 4 MB. Pretty useful feature.

How to view web pages offline

This may seem impossible, but it isn’t, in an indirect sense. Though, to do this, we need to use Google

chrome, and it may not work on some devices for reasons I do not know. To do this, we go to the page

we want to view offline. However, note that we can’t use hyperlinks or any of such features, just read

the page with pictures, etc, etc. After we go to the page, select the three dots that mark the options

dropdown on the chrome address bar and select the print option. Don’t worry; you won’t need to print

the page. When a dialog box appears, note that it has “Save as PDF” written on the topmost dropdown.

If it doesn’t, tap the dropdown and select the option mentioned. After doing so, select the “Save” option

and choose a place where you want to save the file, probably downloads. Now, the file will download.

Voila! You have your webpage in a PDF document. Though remember, you will need a PDF reader on

your phone to view such a file, many of which are available on the play store for free.

Play a game on Google chrome… offline

It’s a pretty simple game, but a welcome one when one wants to while away time. Just disconnect your

phone from any Wi-Fi network and disable your mobile’s data connection. Then, run chrome. Note you

have a little dinosaur on your page. Tap it and he starts to run. There’s a score counter on the top right

and your high score below it. The game in itself is an endless runner where you tap to jump over various

cacti. His one and the game ends. You can play it again and again just by tapping the replay button.

Sadly, your game high score is volatile, so it goes once you close chrome. Interestingly, the game is also

available on computer; just replace the tap with a spacebar.


This sounds a simple enough feature, but can frustrate the best of us when we don’t know how to use it

on a new phone. On most phones, it is done by pressing the volume down key and the power button

simultaneously for around one second. On a Samsung phone, with palm motions enabled, we just have

to slide the edge of our palm across the screen, making sure to touch the whole screen at once and slide

it from one side to another. If these methods don’t work, one can always search the net.


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